Don't Give Up!

Chapter 1
Don’t Give Up!

Excerpt from “Immovable Faith” by Author, Shaunna Jackson


The easiest thing in the world to do these days is quit. The god of this world tells us that if we don’t like our jobs, leave. If we don’t like our food, send it back, if we are struggling in our marriages, get a divorce; when life gets tough, stop trying. But the God of this age, the God of all comfort and consolation says, when life has thrown it’s most wicked curveball and hits you square between the eyes, don’t give up, look up, I am here with you, for you, and all around you.

You might be facing seemingly insurmountable challenges right now that are making you doubt the presence of God, but please, don’t give up. In times of trouble, God seems light years away, certainly not close enough to take care of us in our struggle. But the word of God says that he is close to the broken hearted. He never leaves us, but in times of uncertainty, we begin to doubt which makes him seem incredibly far away. It is my testimony that when life turns up the heat, God turns on the grace. In my most harrowing trial, my ugliest challenge, and in my darkest valley, God was there with me. I know this because I am here to talk about it, and that only by the grace of God.

If you are thinking what many people think, I make it sound as if I had no strength of my own to get through and I had no choice but to believe in the power of God’s hand, it is true. Without God in the midst of my mess, I would have no message, no words of encouragement for anyone else. When I tried to right all of life’s wrongs myself, I was quickly defeated. The enemy wants us to believe that we can solve our own problems and make life what we want it to be by our own strength. But God wants us to believe in his strength, his perfect and fail proof strength.

Whatever you are facing right now, God is bigger than your issue and will meet you where you are to help you. I know it seems that getting above this is impossible, but Im here to tell you that God is a God of the impossible. No matter what you situation looks like right now, God can do better. He is a big God, an amazing God who didn’t just do a couple miracles once upon a time, he still sits on the throne, and he still does miracles today.

Someone once told me that if I have a need, plant a seed in that area. If I need money, I should give beyond what is comfortable and trust God to meet my need. If I need a friend, I am to be a friend and trust God to minister to me through that connection. If I want God to bring me greater opportunities to use my gifts, I am to take on little projects and be faithful in completing those, and trust God to bring the big assignments to me.

Friends, the Lord is your Shepherd. He will guide you in what you should do, just don’t give up! There is light at the end of the tunnel, hope for the hopeless, joy to replace your sadness, and a reward for those who diligently seek him.

You will never know what could have been if you throw in the towel now. God promises to be our Everything, and God is not capable of lying; I know this because the Bible says so. Trouble doesn’t last forever, and that in and of itself is worth shouting about! Your burdens may be heavy today, but they wont last, I am believing in a change for you, it‘s just a matter of time. Don’t let me be the only one believing for you now. You will never see what you don’t believe in. The manifestation of your spiritual change is based on your faith in God’s power to move in your life. God will renew your strength as you wait for him to

God wants to make your life clean and clutter free by teaching you to trust him. These mountains you are facing are one more lesson in the series of trust. Living on “Easy street” doesn’t teach us anything other than that we can control our circumstances if we aren’t concerned about growing and being even more prosperous in all areas of our lives.

If you will allow yourself to be stretched for just a little while longer, God is waiting to bless you on the other side. Don’t give up, and don’t give in. By putting your trust in God, you cannot do wrong, because I’ve read The Book, God wins every time!