What is Saving You?

Luke 7:50 – “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

Jesus was talking to a woman who had reason to be upset about the circumstances of her life. She was in such agony, and despair, she wept on his feet. She knew she would find what she needed in the presence of the Lord and humbled herself in the presence of those who condemned her.

Have you ever had a season where you found yourself anxious about everything, doubting and questioning everything so much so that you could cry enough tears to wash Jesus’ feet? I have had such a time in the recent past. I was deeply burdened by the fact that I felt so out of sync, so small and insignificant. This went on for almost three months. I fasted and prayed, scribbled in my prayer journal and still could not find peace. I know my friends prayed fervently for me and yet, I could not shake the weight that bogged me down day after day. 

I eventually found my rest because in the days I felt secure, I had stocked my shelves with books written about the power, presence and providence of God. My music library is full of worship and praise. Evidence of the faith I have in God was everywhere around me. I actually laughed inspite of myself because I was reminded that I did that to ensure the importance of having faith when I entered a season like the one now behind me. 

 I heard a message on the radio one day encouraging me to speak God’s promises, and by my faith I would be held in God’s strong, ever protective, peace-filled embrace. Put your faith in God; know he will carry you through whatever storm or dry-spell you are in. 

Where ever you are in life right now, if things do not look like what you have prayed for, keep praying, keep moving, and stay in the Word of God. Surround yourself (wrap yourself) in the presence of God with music, books, godly friends, your church…etc. Your faith in him will be your safety and your rest.


One thought on “What is Saving You?

  1. Wow, those words spoke directly to me, you are correct we should build our selves up on the things of God so when we have the seasons of “woe is me” we have a reference point we can refer back to , to get back on the right path. – I also like the tribute to your mom, my siblings and I were in foster care and through time we were reunited with our mother. Sometimes I still carry the scar of the pain of separation, but that’s another story for another time. Have a bless day! Thanks for the support! Christine

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