How I am Most Like My Mother

My  Mother Gail & Me
My Mother Gail & Me


First, let me thank God for my mother and moving her to choose me. She is not someone I knew very well for she chose not to raise me, but in the blessed 4 ½ years we knew each other, I knew her well enough. I knew her well enough to know that I am indeed her seed. I knew her well enough to know that she lived without regret; she took advantage of most opportunities to laugh and have a great life. She was a woman who gave and expected respect from all, especially family. As the eldest of 7, respect was due and automatically given. My mother was a generous woman, she was always thinking ahead to birthdays, anniversaries, births, graduations, etc, and had a gift and a card ready months in advance.

 Me, I love to have a great time but do not always take the time to actually have a great time. I also love to laugh and do it as often as I can. I will think ahead to your event also, but I assure you, your gift will have been purchased either the day before, or quite possibly a couple hours before I see you. But, I am most like my mother in that we were both given a no nonsense spirit. No time to waste time, if it’s not right, either right it, or move on. When it comes to relationships, no matter what kind, if I find out you are disingenuous, arms length is about as close as you will get for a very long time.

My mother was also a very direct person, and anyone who knows me well, will tell you the same of me. Again, no time to waste time. Very few people need to ask, “So what do you mean?” My candor is never misunderstood. I would say the same of my mother. My mother had a heart attack almost 3 years ago, and is still very dearly missed, but she lives on in my siblings, and in me. Thank you, God, for the gift of my mother. A gift you prepared years in advance for me!

How are you most like your mother?