What Are You Looking At?

 “Look at God!”   That phrase is usually heard when we see someone blessed in our witness. We might even say, “Look at how God works!” or “Look at God go!” but today, I say it as one of direction. We spend a lot of time looking at other things, other people, ourselves and our circumstances, but I have to tell you, keeping up with the Joneses, is a lot harder than it used to be. Why? because the Joneses are just as bad off as the rest of us. Just as tired, just as over-committed, and just as broke.

People, in general, are enduring incredible struggles. We are doing without, doing with less, sometimes not doing anything at all because our situations are so bleak. But I want to encourage everyone to stop looking at how bad the circumstances are. Stop looking at how much you have lost compared to the next person. Stop looking at yourself, and look at God. God is the one who will direct you.

God is the one who will protect you. God is the one who will provide for you, and sustain you. We are very material-minded people, very self-centered, but God is all you need. Trust in God to pull you through your situation. Trust that he has your best interest in mind. The way of life, and the life of a believer is not easy, but He promised to never leave you or forsake you. He promised to stick close to you; closer than a brother, or the Joneses, or even your best friend. Take time to remember all of the times you have been blessed; look at God. Take time to give thanks for the hand of God seen around you every day; look at God. Take time to pray and read the word everyday; look at God as often as you can.