Trust God in all Things; Worship Him Always


Take it to the Lord
Take it to the Lord

This is the second message on trust this month, but I believe that the messages are important, even for me. I want to send out a word of encouragement to anyone going through challenges right now.

 To share my own trip through the desert…early this year I decided to get rid of my car that was costing me a great deal of money in maintenance. It had too many miles to be worth a fair trade, and when I recently found myself on the side of the road, on my way to a meeting, the car just needed to go…  The first car dealer I visited, a well advertised dealership in this area, was working for themselves only. Every time I called them, they told me I needed an even larger downpayment than the day before. The day they told me I needed $8000.00 as a downpayment, I almost laughed at the manager. He told me that his staff needed to care for their families and they were only interested in working with people who were willing to agree to their terms. I dont think I need to say that I am not one of those people.   The next dealership would not finance me. The 3rd dealership readily worked with me and found a car that matched my specifications and financial limitations.
I made plans to get rid of my tired old car and arranged for a ride to the dealership to get my car.  I thank God for the faithfulness of one of our sisters, who came through for me when my ride failed to show up that rainy day. She agreed to take me and wait until I had my car.  When we got to the dealership, I was informed that just one hour earlier, they had sold my car to someone else!  When I explained what was going on, my faithful sister immediately grabbed my hand and started to pray. Within an hour they had found another car for me and allowed me to drive it home that night without even doing the paperwork because it was so late in the night. I assured them I would be back the next day. The next day they told me not to come in because there was a problem with the bank; they would call me when they resolved the issue.  A little over a week went by and they finally called to tell me that if I wanted to keep the car, I had to pay an extra $1000.00 because I was in a car that was not originally agreed upon.  I argued with them, even accused them of bait-n-switch, to no end. Reluctantly I returned the car all the while wondering how I would ever get to work with no bus or train to get me there.
I felt betrayed in so many ways. I even questioned how God would bless me, and then take it back. For two weeks now, I have been throwing my extra money into a rental, while still living and taking care of the resources entrusted to me.  I sat down one night, in tears and begged God to show up.  I kept watching my money slip away as God revealed other obligations that needed immediate attention, not to mention trying to tithe knowing there is even less money now for my car. As recently as three days ago, I was called by a dealership that was ready and willing to work with me for very little money down. I can take delivery on the car on this coming Monday if I have the money.  My message is about trusting God, because after all of this, going from thousands of dollars to just a few hundred dollars needed, I still need God. After stepping into obedience and handling the other financial surprises, I am still $400.00 short.  “Trust God, in all things, is the Word that has continued to be on my mind, in my devotions, on the radio…  I was not led to put this need before anyone prior to today, only to trust God and continue to worship him in every moment.  Just tonight, another faithful sister encouraged me to write something -anything- and let God do the rest.
We never know how God is working, but know that he IS always working even when we are broke, broken, and brokedown. And, if you love him, and know you are called for his purpose, all things (even these uncertain things) will work for your good. I am trusting and believing God for $400.00—-what are you trusting God for?  He can do it! Is anything too hard for God?
God promised to supply all of our needs, our food, shelter, our jobs,transportation to our jobs…every need. Trust him in all things, and worship him always.
God will bless!
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