Reach Out and Reach Up!

I read a message on Facebook today about a man who ended his life after his girlfriend broke up with him.  Apparently, he had informed his friends that he was going to die that day.  If that is true, and his friends did nothing about it, the story is all the more unfortunate.  But friends, let me encourage you in this way today…Life is worth living.  You are here for a specific purpose that includes touching other lives even if those lives are only temporarily connected to yours.

My response to this news was this; surround yourself with people who will help you develope and maintain a positive self-concept.  Interact with people who will speak life into your circumstances and not ignore you. Depression and anxiety are real no matter what others say. People are dying every day because they do not know how to handle their emotions, or feel they have come to a point of helplessness, and hopelessness. 

Trouble is temporary, the sun will shine again.  No matter what life has handed you today, there are at least  five things to give God thanks for, (health, food, shelter, clothes,…life…) God promised to meet all of your needs so you can carry out your purpose and if you have those things, know that you are significant. You conquered yesterday and are worthy of a tomorrow.

 Reach out to your friends; they will support you….

 Reach up to God; he will do the rest. Life Ministries