A Prayer for the Unemployed

Gracious and loving God,

You have gifted me in many ways. I thank you for time and experience at my previous job and am grateful for the opportunity to earn the resources needed to maintain the things you have ordained for my life. I ask you now for the grace to endure this setback and the frustrations my unemployment is sure to bring. I ask you for wisdom and understanding as I look at my situation. Bless me with your peace and keep me from ungodly distractions, depression and anxiety. Give me the strength to reach out for help when I need it and not rely on my own strength and limited knowledge.

You said I could trust you, and that you would take care of me by meeting all of my needs. You know my heart, and you know my needs. Comfort me Lord, and order my steps along the path you designed for me. I believe in my purpose and trust that you will move me into my next assignment when the time is right. I will wait for your direction and move only when instructed. I will continue to praise you for you are worthy, even when life seems unfair and uncertain.

My faith may only be musterdseed size right now Lord, but you said that is enough to move mountains. I love you Lord, and trust you with my present circumstance, my future, my life.

Pray-Don't Worry
Pray-Don't Worry

Amen & Amen


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