When No One is Looking

HidenseekLuke 12:3 “What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.”

God wants all of us, all of the time and loves for us to fellowship corporately, but he also wants us to worship him privately.

 Private worship includes many things, such as keeping a clean, peaceful home; raising respectful, godly children; using appropriate language; treating your spouse with love, honor, and respect at ALL times; playing music that is not degrading, violent, or otherwise questionable; reading your Bible and getting on your knees to pray; exercising self-control in relationships…etc.

With people’s busy lives and constant interpersonal connections, we are always trying to put on a brave face and grin and bear it. We go to church and sing, pray, say Amen at all the right times… and bless our friends and loved ones when the service is over. But what happens when the front door closes and we are home again? Does the Sunday spirit slip off with Sunday suit? What about Wednesday? Wednesday is no special day, in particular, but do you even remember the sermon on Wednesday? Or are you diligently studying the word through the week? I ask these questions as I work on a new book related to worshipping God. It is very easy for us to act like Christians on Sunday morning, or during mid-week Bible study, and forget that living a Christian life means doing it even behind closed doors.

Living for God means doing what is right when talking on the phone to our friends. Living for God means being careful of the music we listen to. God is not impressed with how well we sing in the choir on Sunday or how many ministries we lead if our hearts are consumed by worldly behaviors. We are called to be “in” the world, not of the world, meaning we have to be here, but we ought to take on a kingdom mindset; a heavenly focus, not a lifestyle that is of this selfish, self-serving world. God is interested in our hearts; to draw close to him; to worship and praise him with every aspect of our lives, even the private moments.

What do you do when you think no one is looking?