Emotional Vs. Physical Infidelity

Let me just come out and say this…there is no contrast. Emotional infidelity is as wrong as physical infidelity.  No matter how hard you try to justify it, the damage is just as devastating.  To spend time, intimate thoughts, private moments, etc. with someone other than the one you are committed to…is cheating, plain and simple.  And for those who are still wondering, oral sex, is still sex!

It should be every mature person’s responsibility to treat an emotional affair as what it is…an affair. Sever ties and do so at once.  The harder you try to break it of slowly (“so no one gets hurt”) just prolongs the inevitable.  Trying to remain “just friends” only sets the stage for the affair to continue.  If you are struggling in your relationship, focus on getting right with each other. Work on reconnecting instead of running outside the relationship.   Relationships are hard such as they are and I can only imagine the amount of additional work that is required to repair a relationship or marriage that broke because of  unfaithfulness. 

Love is to be cherished, not taken for granted, and is not something you put on the back burner and then try to reheat when your affair is blasted all over the news! If you are having trouble being faithful, perhaps now is the time to re-evaluate your reasons for being in your relationship in the first place.

True, genuine, Zoe love (the God kind of love), DOES-NOT-CHEAT!   Zoe love does not look with lustful eyes at another and does not wander around the world when already promised to another.  Love does not hurt or deceive.  The God kind of love is true, and honest, and honorable.



Give the men and women in our lives the strength to be faithful, the wisdom to seek support, and the grace to persevere in the relationships to which they are committed.  AMEN!!





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