Praise- It's Already In You

herbster-trio--hymns-of-grateful-praiseThere is a song called, “Right Now Praise” By Jonathan Nelson, that says,

“I am just, one praise from my breakthrough; I’m just one praise away from my blessing. So I must reach down inside to the depths of my soul and bring forth a right now praise that’s in already in me. -You are just a praise from your breakthrough, just a praise away from your blessing, if you just reach down inside to the depths of your soul and bring forth a right now praise that’s already in you… Jonathon Nelson and Justin Savage- © 2008 Integrity Praise! Music

This song really ministered to me at a time when I was hungering and thirsting for the Lord. I had been excited about getting deeper into my ministry and serving in other already established ministries. There were attacks from the enemy on my health, my family, the economy, the world…and every time I looked up, it seemed that there was more death and destruction, more heartache and pain than just five minutes ago! But, when I heard that song, I was encouraged to praise God in that moment, because no matter what was going on around me, the Spirit of the Lord was stirred up within me ready to push forth a praise. I love to sing, and I love to dance (and no, I don’t do any of that in public) but those are two forms of praise and worship that silence the enemy and tear down strongholds so that’s what I did.

 In everything thing we do, whether singing, dancing, talking on the phone, working, driving…we can still praise and worship the Lord. Praise and worship does not lend itself to just singing, praying and reading the Bible. There is a right now praise and a reason to worship God, in everything we do, everywhere we go, and with every word that we say.


Taken from “With All of Me” by Shaunna L.  Jackson.  COMING SOON!

Copyright, Shaunna L. Jackson- 2009


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