How GREAT is our GOD!

Psalm 115 says the Lord remembers us and will bless us; … He will bless those who fear him, the small and great alike… Vss. 12&13.

 As I read that this evening, I thought, wow! How many times have I thought, “Who would notice a little person like me?” I don’t mean physically little, for I am tall, but little as in unseen, rarely noticed. I don’t draw attention to myself or my circumstances; I’m just an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life. But the more I thought about that, it occurred to me that my existence and my purpose are more than ordinary, because I serve an extraordinary God! This is a God who made a road in the middle of the ocean! He put a lock on the lips of lions, made choice wine out of tepid water, gave a donkey a voice to speak!  God turned sinners into saints, and preachers of His Word. God is a great God. Not a half way, have stepping, half done God. He is a God if peace, order, and increase!   

 My purpose is great because my God is great! My future is bright because my God controls the lighting!  God has a plan for me, he has a plan for you but don’t take my word for it, trust in the Word of God (Jeremiah 29:11). He will prosper us; he wants to make us big because He is big.  No matter how visible we are or feel we are, we are positioned in our everyday lives, by design. Trust God to make everything in your life BIG!

 “ May the Lord make you increase; both you and your children. My you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Vss. 14 & 15.


2 thoughts on “How GREAT is our GOD!

  1. I absolutely love this posting, I woke this morning singn in my spirit ” how great is our God” your message is divine confirmation, thanks again for being my prayer warrior on friday! I am healed and ready to do run on for the Lord! Keep letting God use you! He seeks such to serve and magnify him in the earth! How great is our God!!!!!

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