A Pastor’s Pastor -by Colyns & Shalyn

How do you view the Pastor's Wife?

God created man and gave him Eden, a garden, to nurture and to keep. Man puposed to carry out the mission right away. Amidst his work God noticed a lacuna – a vacumn that needs to be filled not just by anyone, but the bone of his bone and the rib of his rib. God saw that though man was working hard, he was achieving little. And though he was doing good, he was lonely. He really needed a soul mate, a helpmate, a pastor. One who could share his secret dreams, see his flaws and still love him. I even dare add that man needs one who could aid him to sprituality and higher calling in God. And so, although man was a pastor – tending and nuturing the garden, he needed another pastor who could stand with him in moments of weakness and strength to help him discover God, his enviroment and others. This was God’s thought and discovery after man had been nurturing and keeping the garden after a while. Man was really incomplete even though he had a job.

How would God achieve this? I cannot with all my reasoning think of another way to create another being that could fill this space without being another man. Here’s what I mean: God wouldn’t have any difficulty making another Adam. He’s done it before and he can do it a million times over. What I think would be difficult, is creating someone like Adam, a part of Adam, and yet complete him. To achieve this sounds like an impossible task but with God, nothing is impossible. God has a plan and as it is written, “The thoughts (plans) he has toward us are the thought of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end,”(Jeremiah 29:11). God set out to work; to make another pastor who would bond with Adam. This woman, this pastor, would be wise. She would be the one who ministers to, comforts with sensitivity, supports with patience, encourages with firmness, and loves unconditionally, this man of God called to minister to the people.

God put Adam to sleep. Hitherto, Adam was working full speed. God needed him to rest to bring out another pastor. Another pastor as the former will not be a product of busy moments but season of rest, trust and detachment from life itself. This is important because the one who is coming is going to come to give him peace of mind and bring him to a more spiritual serenity. Creating this being must be done in such moments too. This awesome woman of God, the Pastor’s Pastor, will minister to her husband by helping and supporting him with, and through her life. That was God’s plan.

So, Adam went to sleep while God took a portion of him that signifies strength, stability and standing. He took Adam’s rib and with it made the woman as she’s often called, his better half. She will call on the strength of angels, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of God to fulfill the role with poise and grace.

The woman was not made to be a sex-machine or a doormat, but to fulfill a need in man that he cannot do for himself, and one that he CANNOT do without. In other words, she’s created to look after him while he looks after the garden; to give him strength while he does the work God destined for him and allow him rest as he rests in God. Above all, she will share the garden. SHE IS HIS PASTOR.

The assignment of Pastor’s Wife is a high calling, one that requires much of one woman. This woman has an overseer’s responsibilty over her husband’s home and family; nothing less. She must be strong enough to present herself at the front of the pack and be able to say, “Follow me as I follow the Lord” (I Corinthians 11:1) and force herself to grow and keep her heart and mind fresh with God. This ministry helper will aid her partner to fulfilling his God-given role as a husband, father of their children, and the change the world needs. But she also must be strong enough to step back, remember who she is in Christ Jesus, and seek to please God first, and her man of God next. She must possess the strength to remove her rose colored glasses knowing that the perfections of being a Pastor’s wife do not exist. She must keep silent when she wants to scream, smile when she wants to cry, love when she wants to walk away, and encourage herself in the face of loneliness.

A man who fails his home ministry, will meet many challenges seeking success elsewhere. His partner, his helper, his helpmate agrees to partner with him in life and help him keep the law of God and concentrate on his mission in life. She will see his successes as her own successes.The role of Pastor’s wife is truly a labor of love. To stand beside the man of God in ministry knowing the two are playing on the same team is a great honor. This awesome woman of God, the Pastor’s Pastor, ministers to her husband by helping and supporting him with, and through her life. She ministers to him through respect, encouragement, prayer, necessary confrontation, and unconditional love.


A woman is a pillar of strength to a man who is humble enought to see. She’s a caregiver to him who languishes in pain. Sheis Love to those whose world is filled with bitterness and dissapointments. And she’s the pastor to the body, soul and spirit of the man who yeilds to her mission in life…. her mission to minister to him, if so ordered by God.


A Pastor’s Pastor
By Colyns and Shalyn © 2009