When do you remember God?


How easy it is to praise and glorify God when things are going well. There is no realization greater than knowing God showed up and blessed you, right? You finally met the man or woman of your dreams, you are debt free; got that job after 6 months of searching, and have eaten all you can. Praise God! God is awesome! Hallelujah! We shout praises and it comes easy when we are walking on sunshine. God blesses people all day every day, and every day, people are thanking and praising Him for his goodness. But what happens when the bottom falls out; when the water main breaks and the repair fee is three times the mortgage payment?

 The weakness of our human nature does what comes naturally, if not rooted in the assurance of salvation; we sulk and speak the lies of the devil.  We say things like, “No good deed goes unpunished,” “It’s just my dumb luck,” “God blesses everyone but me,” “Nothing good ever happens to me.”  God promised to be with every one of us always; not just me, or the guy across the street. Not just in the good times, but in the horrible, tragic times too. He promised to be there for you, and God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should repent (or change his mind), Numbers 23:19.  God does not speak, and then not act, nor does he promise and fail to fulfill. 

 When you sit discouraged in your challenge, wondering where God is, remember that [if you are a believer] God is already in you. He is an ever present help in times of trouble.  God never left you, but if you are feeling lost and forsaken, it is because you forgot about his power, abandoned your faith, and turned to embrace the world instead of the Word. If you are going through something right now and feel defeated, remember God promised to fight your battles (hear the words to that song you sing… “The battle is not yours, it’s the Lords”).  There are some things God allows to demonstrate his power, and it might just be what you are going through right now. Trust him, remember his power, get out of his way, and watch him work in your circumstance.

 In times of great distress the Holy Spirit will give you the strength to hail God as your Rock, your Redeemer, the Most High. When you are at your lowest, most painful times, remember that God is the same God who rained down an abundant meal from the heavens when there was nothing to eat. He is the same mighty and powerful God who made a wall out of water and commanded a fountain to spring forth from a rock. If he can do all those things, certainly he can find you a job, a mate, help you conceive, restore the things lost in a disaster.  You have said these words a thousand times… “God is able!”  Remember that he is bigger than your issue. Trust him to prove his deity.

 The God you praise when your belly is full ought to be the same God you run to when funds are low, and there is no gas in your car. The God you promised to love forever when business was booming, is the same God you ought to seek when you cannot see anything but rain in your life.

 Your God, your Rock, is holy. Remember the deeds of the Lord. Remember the God who performed miracles and redeemed the descendents of Jacob and Joseph. God’s promises have not failed. He has not forgotten to be merciful. His unfailing love has not vanished.

 God is God in your joy and in your sorrow.