Are you seeking love in cyberspace, or heavenly places?

Is your heart in cyberspace or heavenly places?

 Sometimes, it just doesn’t make any sense; that God would create love across a million miles. We greet people near and far from our desks, rarely looking for, or expecting the excitement and intrigue of love across the sea. We don’t look for it, because we don’t really know if it exists. Who wants a love they cannot see, or touch, or know face to face? Who wants the hope deferred, the hope that makes the heart sick? Who wants the nagging question that haunts every mind…is this for real? Is this yet another hoax? What if I give my all, expose the well-spring of my life, my heart? What if…?

There is no explanation for an intense attraction that is fanned only by the flames of faith. There is no quenching the thirst of an empty embrace, a hug that is replaced by a jpeg teddy bear that says I ♥ U. There is no way to measure the anticipation of the long distance connection; every moment eagerly waiting for the comforting, “Hello dear” to pop on the screen…there is just no way…

But think with me further…who can explain an undeniable, immovable faith in God? How much more should we sit and wait for the Lord? Do we seek him as diligently as the tug of a love story on the PC screen? Do we wait eagerly for God to speak to us each day…are we even paying attention? Cyber space, has taken the place of a face. We trust in the wires, and the applications that tell us the name of our next love starts with “T”. But, what about G-O-D?

Who among us has seen the Lord? Who has touched him and known him face to face? Yet, not every heart skips a beat when he blesses us with grace and favor. Look at the love in the sunshine and refreshing rain. Look at that faithfulness in the new life at springtime. Do you ever think about the next breath you will take, or the next beat of your heart? Does your love for him keep you eager for his next great move, his next, “Hello Dear” when you open your eyes in the morning?

If God had a PC (or Mac), would you diligently seek his messages each day? Would you read every message instead of deleting before opening? Would you send him an instant message just to say, “hello?” Would you believe him then if he said he loves you unconditionally, and would give his life again for you? God doesn’t Twitter, but he does deliver. God never puts out a promise that returns to him void. He promised to be around all the time, to direct and protect us.

So, what if you gave him your all; exposed your heart to the Lord; if you gave him access to the well-spring of your life? What if you had access to unconditional love, the favor of kings and queens, the assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory, forgiveness, and guidance? What if…?

There are no wires, no keyboards, no jpegs, just God. There are no seas to cross, or miles to drive. God is right where you are. It is not a hoax, or gimmick, just an ever-present, all- powerful, all-knowing, unfailing love in your space, right here, right now. He wants your heart more than anyone near or far. He wants all of you, so he can give you more of him. Seek the Lord early, when he can be found. Run to him in the middle of the day when you feel run down. Embrace sleep with him in the evening when rest becomes your only goal.

By seeking God, you will know him. By knowing him you will love him.

By loving him you will trust him. By trusting him, you will see him.

He is in everything you do. Everywhere you go.

There are no wires, no keyboards, no jpegs…just the endless love of God, charged by the flames of faith.


2 thoughts on “Are you seeking love in cyberspace, or heavenly places?

  1. God is everything and faith is the only reason that get us through on earth and the life we are all meant to live to enter into the great beyond (heaven) with Him.

    The act of trusting and living aright holds a lot of sway for many but facts are here and there to help those who can hold unto it.

    Life is a lesson but the truth lies in knowing the facts aright and walking towards a heavenly calling built in by the creator of all living…

    Thanks for this message….


    1. Thank you Salau!

      You are so right. Faith is the force that “props us up” and propels us along. And thank goodness, there are steadfast ministers such as yourself to help those who cannot help themselves.

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