Recognizing Love

Periodically, it is necessary to evaluate our lives, the relationships we enter or maintain, and the force behind all of them- hopefully it is LOVE. The questions below were posted online by my  friend Salau John in one of his articles. I appreciate these questions, because they come at a point in my life when I am questioning the sincerity of professed love, and the unknown places love could take me. I have included ellipses (…) at the end of some statements because I could sit and think for the rest of the night about my responses, and could probably write until the sun greets me; this is a snapshot of what’s on my mind right now.

 What is LOVE?

Love is an action; something we ought to do, not something we just say.

 When in my life have I felt LOVE?

From childhood on, my aunt always grabs my hand and just holds it, or pats it and whispers to me that she loves me.  There is just something about the warmth of her touch that makes me feel comfortable and unconditionally significant. I feel love every time I meet with my small group. I know I can go to those women anytime and get hugs, laughter, good meals, fellowship, and genuine care and concern for my walk with the Lord…

 What does LOVE feel like?

Love feels like an embrace you don’t want to leave too soon.

 What was I doing when I felt LOVE?

Expressing hurts with a trusted friend. Shopping with one of my aunts. Reading a text message from my brother in the middle of the day. Seeing an answer to my prayers-in someone else’s life…

 For whom have I felt LOVE?

My closest friends. My small (cell) group. The family that shows me unconditional love and support… a certain precious friend to be named later.

 What does LOVE look like?

Love is the willingness to listen in the dead of night. Love is listening without passing judgment. Love is giving without expecting a return or reward.  Love is allowing oneself to be inconvenienced. Love is giving up the right, to be right. Love is never bringing shame or embarrassment to someone. Love is knowing when to be quiet and apologizing even if you don’t know what you did wrong. Love is being able to see the imperfections of another and wanting to be close to them anyway…

 Where can I find signs of LOVE in my home?

There is a home to go to at the end of the day. There is food to eat, clothes to wear…LOVE has given me all that I need…

  What about my life can I feel GRATEFUL for?

I am grateful to have life. My mother, in her selflessness chose to have me adopted and not aborted.

 What about my life can I feel HAPPY about?

I am happy to have the little I have. I am happy to be me, and live comfortably knowing that I do not have to live my life for anyone but God. I am happy to know I do not have to navigate this life alone; friends and family rally around me. I am happy for opportunities to love and be loved…

 If love came to you, would you recognize it?


Read the full article by Salau John on facebook and take a few minutes to answer these questions for yourself.  

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