Don’t Give Up on God

The title of this posting is also part of a song, “Don’t give up on God, because He will never give up on you.”  A couple weeks ago, I posted a message about seeking God diligently, and wanted to say a little more after hearing that song this morning in church.

"What Must I Do to be Saved? Acts 16:30

God created us for his, and to give him, glory. It is his desire that every one of us be saved and spend eternity in heaven with him. As any parent ought, God wants the very best for all of us, his children. And, at just the right time in our lives, he will call us to accept him as our Lord and Savior. But, He knows that in this life will have to endure some unpleasant things that will challenge our faith and tempt our loyalties. Because God is sovereign and intends to reveal that in our lives, He will continue to seek our accepting hearts so we do not miss out on eternity with him.

People will come into our lives to speak to us at just the right time and some will be there at the wrong times. Circumstances will be allowed in our lives to cause us to stop and acknowledge God. In the midst of everything, a seed will be planted in our lives that God will seek to tend and nurture through more people, and more circumstances.

Consider the story of Job, in the Bible. Satan was permitted to turn his life upside down and to the satisfaction of satan, Job lost everything, including his children. Even his wife pressed him to curse God. But Job knew that God was all he had ever claimed to be, and so he chose to serve God in the midst of his tribulation. It was God he looked for every day to sustain him, not another man or even his wife.  It was God he cried out to, to save him, even when his friends mocked him.  The story of Job is heartbreaking, but the ending is grand. God restores everything to Job, so much so that Job ends up with more in the end than he started with.

God did not do that just one time for one man. He does it over and over in the lives of people like you and like me.  He wants to restore us to greatness. He wants to enlarge our territory to the point of being over-abundant; if only we would seek him diligently and worship him in the good times, and the bad.  Whatever you stand in need of, keep looking to the Lord. He sees you, and he hears you…hold on, just a little bit longer.

Seek the Lord with Diligence

Even David sought the Lord when he was under attack, and was delivered. David made many mistakes in his life and his reign as King, but eventually became known as a man after God’s own heart.  Hannah, in her barrenness sought the Lord even when the priest made accusations against her daily. Her diligence in seeking the Lord reaped the blessing of a child called Samuel who grew to be the most effective judge in Israel.

All of these people did not reap their harvest right away and I am sure you already know life doesn’t work like that anyway. Sometimes God’s answers are delayed…for some time, but that does not mean he will not answer.  Keep seeking him; keep working out your patience and perseverance. Never cease to laud him as your Lord and Savior. Keep your mind stayed on things above, for that is from where you will receive your richest rewards.

God desires for you to desire Him. Don’t give up on him, he will never give up on you.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up on God

  1. Great words of encouragement, we live in a time now when people are faintn and giving up on their situations and even worse giving up on God…thank you for reaffirming the message that Jesus will not give up on you! ” Jesus will go that extra mile for you! ” Don’t give up or faint! Be blessed my sister!

    1. Thank you Christine!

      This year has been hard for many, including me, and remembering whose I am was a challenge some days, but to God be the glory for he has the whole world in his hands!

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