Who Else is in the Boat with You?

How did the last year end for you?  Possibly, like many, the year brought challenges, unforeseen hardship, and frustrating setbacks. As I look back on my own circumstances, there were many things I did not handle very gracefully because I tried to take control of the situation. 

That reminds me of the disciples with Jesus in the midst of a storm. Where were you when the storm hit your life? Were you in the back resting in the peace of the Lord, or clinging to the side of you boat panic-stricken?

 If you were one clinging to the side, surrender that mindset this year, and put your hope and trust in the Lord.  He said he would never leave you, nor forsake you.  No matter what happens this year, remember who is in the boat with you.  Storms will come and go even in this year, but each storm has a purpose. They come to show us that there is no problem God cannot handle; you can trust him.  And, the storms exist to show you that you do not have control over everything.  In many things you are powerless, but God is not. 

In all things you encounter this year, I hope you will come to know the Lord better, seek him more diligently, and love him more deeply.  Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the troubles you face, remember who is in the boat with you, and this will be your  best year yet.  The Lord will push back the storm and make your way plain and clear.

Be a blessing!


3 thoughts on “Who Else is in the Boat with You?

  1. This is beautiful and just what I needed to hear as I struggle through a difficult situation. It’s funny how you know this, but constantly need reminders to put life back into the right perspective…GOD first! Thank you!

    1. You are most welcome! We all need reminders and encouragement no matter how strong we think our faith is. I needed this word myself the day I posted and I thank God for touching you with this word also.

      Thank you for following my blog. I hope it blesses you as much as it blesses me!

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