Who is Pushing You?

Who is there to give YOU a push when you need one?


Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a point of being stuck, unsure of what to do or where to go next. And if you consider yourself to be self-sufficient, you probably feel you can do anything by yourself. Unfortunately, many people feel that asking for help and guidance is a sign of weakness, when in actuality, knowing when you need help is a sign of great strength.

 We spend our youth striving to be grown; going about our lives in our own self-centered ways knowing we were destined to soar freely like the eagles. Anytime we found trouble, (or trouble found us), there was, someone there to lend a hand. Even if we didn’t see them, or chose not to acknowledge them, someone was there. Then we grow up  – and find ourselves stuck again from time to time.  Every rut is just part of the design for our lives. We (Believers) know that God orders the steps of the righteous (Psalm 37:23), but he also orders our stops. Those ruts are created to help us learn about ourselves and about others.

 Your rut might look like financial issues, or relationship stress, or even emotional distress. Whatever it is, someone else is supposed to be in that rut with you. We don’t always know who is going to walk our path with us, but God will always put someone there to get behind you and push you toward the next leg of your journey. You will know who it is if your heart is receptive. God knows we need people, which are why there are so many of us. We need each other. Not one person on this earth is a self-made man or woman; there was always someone there with them.

 When you were a child, you may have had your parent(s), teachers, coaches, extended family to help you, but, what about now? Who is pushing you, who is coaxing you out of the mundane?  When you need a friend to help you figure things out, is there one loyal enough?  The word of God says, “ “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;” but remember, that even the eagle needs a push to get out of the nest (the rut) for the first time.

 If you have ever seen a foal born, or a baby elephant, they don’t just show up and start walking, they need a push most of the time several pushes to get them righted and stable. They are never abandoned; there is always a stronger one right there to provide the necessary support. When they grow they don’t need to constant support, they run with the others and the others support and protect them. Surround yourself with those who you know will push you when you need it.

Who is pushing you? Perhaps I can help…