Holy Bible: For Best Results…

Directions For Use:

 For: You

Rx: Genesis to Revelation

Date filled: In the Beginning

Product name: Holy Bible commonly known as Scripture

Quantity: 66 books

Prescribing Physician: Dr. Jesus

Refills: 0. Product is sufficient as 1 lifetime prescription

 :: Contents do not expire::

 For internal use

 Recommended dose:  1 or more chapters daily. (It is not recommended that you skip a day)

 Take with prayer and praise

 Increase intake as necessary

 For intended result of eternity in heaven, do not eliminate or add to contents.

Possible side effects:

Greater joy, increased faith, peace, heightened understanding, clearer vision and focus on the future, forgiveness, restoration; assurance of salvation, victory over sin; some people have reported being filled with the Holy Spirit also known as speaking in tongues.

Please report side effects to EVERYONE!

If you have any questions or concerns about your prescription, contact your local church or small group.