Entertaining Margaret

Have you entertained an angel lately?

 “Hebrews13:2 do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”


Have you ever gone somewhere with the sole purpose of just being alone with your thoughts? You weren’t looking to make a new friend or meet any old ones for that matter. That’s where my mind was last Friday night. I purposed to see a free, outside showing of the movie Avatar; had been looking forward to it all week. I grabbed my lawn chair from the trunk of my car and found a nice spot where I thought Id be able to see clearly without having to move too much. 

As I sat waiting for the movie to start, and watching people, a woman walked up next to me and said hello. She was talking as she looked around for what I thought was a nicer spot. From that moment, and for about 30 minutes, this woman never stopped talking. In her chatter, I learned she was looking for her friend. She eventually stopped talking long enough to introduce herself. I told her my name twice; she concluded she would never remember it but did remember meeting a woman with a similar name to mine, in this same place the last time she was there for a concert.

Ms. Margaret was an incredibly pleasant woman, full of information and stories, but she could not for anything, figure out how to use her cell phone. She dialed her friend’s number a couple times and couldn’t figure out how to get the call to connect. I showed her how to redial the number but she kept pushing buttons and disconnected the call before it got to her ear.  She put the phone down and proceeded to tell me about her ex-husband, who died in 2005. She told me how her husband loved cats but she hated them and would take them out for walks and leave them in an unknown area. She would later wait for her husband to assume they ran away. She told me how she called the dog-catcher to take her husband’s dog away and laughed inside when he later assumed it ran away.

Ms Margaret happily chattered on about how she fried fish every Friday night, telling me the history of the tradition, all while unwrapping the dinner she packed for herself that night, a sandwich- top side white bread, and bottom side wheat bread. She laughed as she offered me half of her meal. I politely declined as I remembered the great dinner of bourbon chicken and fried rice I had enjoyed a few hours earlier. She talked while she ate, about her husband who remember, died in 2005.

Ms Margaret’s friend called, which thoroughly confused her. She had no idea how to connect. I showed her one more time how to redial the number that had just called, showed her how she would know that the call was connected, and told her to put the phone to her ear.  Alas! The two friends were finally talking. Interestingly enough we were all seated just one row apart. Margaret moved her chair back to her friend and continued chatting about everything. At the movie’s end, Ms. Margaret reminded me she would never remember my name, but did ask if she would see me again in the next week. I’m sure I will see her again before Friday.

God bless Ms. Margaret.

In the next few days, be mindful of the people around you. You may find yourself in a position to entertain an angel.