It is a shame that we take just one day out of the year to really focus on gratitude.  We hear people say throughout the years, “have an attitude of gratitude”, but the truth of the matter is, it is hard to do that every day. With all of the troubles that have come into our lives ( and no one is exempt from trouble), it is easy to be less than thankful a lot of the time.

I am encouraging you right now, to think about all you have in your life.  If you are reading this message, give thanks

Give Him thanks. Your life depends on it.

for the ability to see and for the access to a computer on which to read this. Oh and do not forget to give thanks for having been given life for another day.  Thank God for your life. Without it, you can make no progress toward the things for which you have been praying and working. God did not have to give you another day, or a second chance at life but he did.  Your life is important to him, you were created for a great purpose; we all were, and for that we ought to utter  our best words of praise and thanksgiving.

No matter your situation, there are many reasons to give thanks. Even if you don’t think your reasons are big, they are still reasons.  Don’t let the spirit of worry and doubt cause you to forget about the many things you still have, and the many things you can still do with your life.

Trust God, and know that he intends to take you to higher heights.  The year 2011 holds amazing breakthroughs for

God’s people. For some, it is the year of reaping; all that you seek and have waited for will come to you.  You will recover that which you lost… you will do better and go farther.  God will show himself mightily in your lives this next

year and you will come to this point next year with a heart of thanksgiving.

Even if you have faith the size of a small mustard seed, trust that God will meet all of your needs – always.  When you feel like giving up or giving in, take a deep breath and try one more time. When you have done all you can, just stand; God will take the next step for you.

Take a minute to thank God for loving you, for being both your family, and your friend.  And, thank him for giving you life. No matter how you are living, you have much for which to give thanks.

Thank you God for being what we need – when we need it – and in the manner we need it.