You Have the Power!


The Power is Already in You!

I am truly blessed to be partnering in life with a minister. Whether I want to know or not, he is speaking the Word of God to me, over me and praying for me. God is working a great work in him to break forth a life changing ministry to the world. Before this day started, he had already prayed for me, and left me a message speaking life into my existence and into my day.  Shortly thereafter, I received another inspiring word for an already renowned minister and life changer. I would be remiss to hold the Word and not pass it on to you. There is power in the shared Word of God.

This year brought a lot of heartache to millions of people, and I was not spared my own trouble, my friends were not spared pain, rejection, and hardships, but we made it; another year is over. As we stand here at the threshold of 2011, let me encourage you. The enemy’s sole purpose is to steal from you, to destroy you, and to kill you (John 10:10), but here is the good news – God already defeated him! You are now guaranteed victory over the attacks of the enemy. You lost your job?  Thank your past employer; a promotion awaits you, in Jesus name! You are so broke that you owe the bank?  I say lift your head up, God is about to restore your finances so that you can meet your own needs, and sow into His Kingdom to help meet the needs of others.  You lost a loved one?  The Word of God tells us to give praise to our God who comforts us in all situations; he is your peace and your comfort and with that you have already been given the tools to reach out and comfort someone else (II Corinthians 2:1-3). He bore your suffering and grief, release it. If you are sick and need healing…understand that God is a healer, the Chief Destroyer of all infirmities.

Each one of us holds a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). If you believe in the Triune God and that he can heal you, and restore your life, it is already done through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of our Lord and Savior.  Each one of us also holds power and authority. Many people struggle in life because they don’t believe they have any power to change their circumstances. I humbly admit that I too stood in the ranks of the skeptical this year because I felt so small facing my many giants (trials).

I again thank God for the minister I chose to partner with in life and ministry. In my weakness, he used his strength to build me up and get me right again. We are going to have troubles my friends, but know this; God already overcame the world (John 16:33). We have already been guaranteed victory over everything we will ever face. We already have the power and authority to stomp on the heads of snakes and scorpions (adversaries and opponents, the enemy and his demons).  You have the power! Hallelujah. Take hold of it and carry it with you everyday.  I talk to the devil like I talk to anyone. If he’s in my way, I tell him to move. He loves to bother me and rob me of sleep and I get testy when I’m tired. I just start telling the devil off! Yes indeed, “in the name of Jesus, get outta my bedroom, get outta my head, and get outta my life!”  I aim to let him know that I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I am a Child of the Most High, and I have and hold the power to send him packing! Hallelujah!

Let me stop before I get to preaching and shouting in my chair. Friends, I want you to know that you have the power. You have control of your emotions, affections, attitudes and movements. Start thinking thoughts of breakthrough and victory. Start living as though you know that the enemy cannot rob you of your joy, he cannot not steal your confidence, and he cannot not kill your spirit – unless you let him.

I can hear you, you are muttering, “But Sister Shaunna, I have prayed and prayed and nothing has happened. I have tithed and given offerings, helped the homeless, paid my bills the best I can, but nothing is happening.” Keep doing those things my friend. Keep walking in love at all times, not just Sunday morning. Keep praying because something is happening, God just hasn’t revealed it to you yet. Everything requires a time of preparation (Genesis 8:22). God sees you, and he hears you and even his word tells us to pray about everything; without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17 – Philippians 4:6). Don’t give up now; you may be one prayer away from your breakthrough.

Friends, you have the power, you ARE the Power Holding Company!  No more do you need to feel defeated. No more do you have to believe there is no way out. It’s already in you, given by the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Jesus, use it. It’s a gift from God.

I encourage you to start the next year with prayer and fasting.  Visit again on Monday, January 3, 2011 and learn how you too can have the assurance of answered prayer.

Each week in the Month of January I am going to bring you a message of assurance. These messages have blessed me and I know they will bless you as well.

Be good, be careful, and be a blessing today as this year closes out!

Brought to you by Shaunna Jackson and SPEAKing Life Ministries.