[5] The Assurance of Salvation


The confidence of being free from doubt or uncertainty; the state of being secure.

This is how you get to heaven

How do you know you are going to Heaven?  Is it because you believe yourself to be a good person; one who follows most rules and does kind things for people? Perhaps you are someone who was raised by a God-fearing parent or relative and because of that you are convinced that there is a place for you on streets of gold. The general mindset is that anyone who dies, goes to heaven, and that is simply not true. There are many who reject God yet live very good lives, but God is the only one who can save us from the depths of eternity in hell.

According to I John 5:11-12, the assurance of our salvation is in “having” the Son of God. To have the Son of God means to have acknowledged him as the crucified, buried, and risen Son of God and accepted him as your personal Lord and Savior. The passage says this: “And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. He who has the son has life; he who does not have the son of God does not have life.” By this written word of God, you can be free from doubting your eternity with God in heaven.   The enemy loves to bring worry, doubt and fear in our lives, especially when we have done something wrong. He will whisper in our ears and try to generate reasons to question God’s love for us and our future security.

It is true that our sinful nature will keep us separated from God IF those things go unrepentant (Isaiah 59:2).  Repenting of our sins opens the door for God to help us because we are not able to save ourselves. It does not matter how nice we are, or how much good we do; we are not saved by those things.  We are saved by the grace of God, through faith in him, so no one of us can boast about how great we are and claim prominence in Heaven.

In order to draw men and women to himself, God gifted his son to separate us from a life of sin.  By believing in the name Jesus, we receive this gift of salvation. By receiving and believing this Word, we have eternal life and will avoid condemnation (Romans 8:1) as we put to death the sinful things of the world and start living for Christ.  By becoming a believer and follower of Christ we start a life transition of taking off the worldly things (lying, stealing, immorality, etc.), and reveal a life that exudes, kindness, love, self-control, acceptance…  You will experience a life a greater inner peace, awareness and victory over sin, attitude adjustments and a new genuine concern for other people. You will have a growing hunger and thirst for the Word of God as you grow in Christ.

How do you know for certain that you have eternal life with Christ in Heaven? You will know if you have accepted Christ as your Lord, and your Savior.

There are no magic words to say in order to become a Christian, just speak sincerely. Here is a jump start for you:


I am a sinner. I have done many unpleasing things. I have lived my life for myself and for that I am sorry and repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you are the Son of God who died on the cross for me, to save me.  I ask you to come into my life, take control and make me more like you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I thank you that now I have assurance of eternity with you. Amen

If you prayed that prayer, know that God has heard you and will save you. Get into a good Bible teaching Church and get connected to the word and people of God.  May God bless you richly in your new life!

Study these 5 Assurances and come back next week when we show you the steps to take for spiritual growth.