7 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut

Raise your hand if  you feel that you ought to be farther along in your life than you are…

Sometimes the road ends. Go a different way.

The problem is very possibly that you keep doing the same things, expecting to get a different result. The things that worked for you in the last season, were for that season. Now you need to do something fresh, something more.  You’ve got to try something different. Even if you are driving in your car, the road eventually turns, changes, or stops altogether. Eventually you are going to have to change directions and go a different way. It might feel as though you are headed in the wrong direction sometimes, but if it is the road on God’s map for your life, he has already assured you in his Word that you WILL reach your destination.

Do these things:

  • Check your prayer life. If you are repeating certain prayers every day, they are not effective prayers. Follow the model prayer (The  Lord’s Prayer) and you will see changes.
  • Add more credibility to your life. Sometimes we need to enhance our education, experience, and credentials to further ourselves on the journey. Take a class or get certified in something related to your goal. Maybe this means you need a new job or are being set up for a career change. Examine this and take the necessary steps. You work to live, not the other way around.
  • Get rid of the things (or people) that are not producing fruit in your life. Dead weight only holds up progress. Certain things and people are in your life for seasons and specific reasons, not always for forever.
  • Upgrade your network.  Meet new people. Who you have in your life largely determines the success of your journey. Connect yourself with those who are going your way. They will [hopefully] give guidance and support along the way.
  • Stop waiting for someone else to act. God expects us to take action and responsibility for our own lives, not sit and wait for him to do it all. God will bring people across your path to bless you, but you have to be about your own business. If you don’t know what you are doing , someone else will tell you and who among us wants someone else telling what to do all the time?
  • Have more fun! Get out and do something. Getting in a rut only breeds frustration, depression, isolation…etc. Get together with the guys, schedule a ladies night out, make a play date, take a walk in the park. Do something that brings you joy. Find a reason to laugh with the people you are around several times a day. Just because you are not where you want to be, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy yourself along the way.
  • Check your praise life!  In scripture, we read over and over how the armies had musicians who went before them. They praised their way into the unknown!   They didn’t lament about how they were going to die along the way because it seemed impossible. They sang and danced – Try it and see what happens today and don’t forget to thank the Lord for your victory!

One thought on “7 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut

  1. annabachinsky

    I think sometimes my “rut” is always wanting to go back to the “good ol days” of how life used to be… I need to learn to be grateful that the past happened but move on, let go of some people and things in my life, and look forward to the future instead. Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely look for ways to apply them in my life!

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