Know Your Purpose; Work the Plan


You must operate within the scope of your anointing to be wholly effective in the Kingdom of God.


This is important because so many people are doing the wrong thing or someone else’s  thing. Don’t follow someone else because you can’t think of anything to do on your own. Don’t follow the dreams and wishes of someone else. Sure, our parents want the best for us, and they will try to influence our choices, but when it comes to standing firm in our purpose, we have to do what God wants and needs us to do.


If you do not have an anointing for child care, you will not provide a sincere service in the children’s ministry just because there is a need for helpers. Loving children does not always spill over into caring for a room full of other people’s children on a daily or weekly basis. There are people gifted with an extra measure of grace and patience for such ministries. If that is not you, you need to know with certainty where you fit, and where you do not.


If you are called to minister through music, how do you plan to use that gift? Are you going to sing in the choir, or play an instrument?  If so, then show up on time to your rehearsals and Sunday morning services.  Speaking of which, if your church has more than one service, you also should be present to minister at all scheduled services. Jesus did not minister to just the afternoon crowd that rolled off their mats at 10:00a.m.; He ministered all day.


You will find fulfillment as you are functioning well within your purpose. If you were called to teach, to whom will you lecture? I have never met a teacher who embraced their gift as a teacher and later regretted it. Teachers are amazing, no matter what grade or development level. Teaching is a hard and often thankless job, that’s why they don’t do it for the money; they do it for the fulfillment of the job.   Those who truly immerse themselves in their teaching (their purpose) are the ones we remember the most. I’m sure all of us can name at least one favorite teacher. They purposed to live their love, and made regular plans to do it better and more effectively.


Do not be distracted by the things that look good or sound better than what your fear tells you about your future. Fear will make anything look bad on the surface. That is the enemy’s way of interrupting your walk and phasing out your vision. Your purpose determines your vision, and your vision determines your plan.   Let me explain; let’s assume God called you to be a minister to the world. He doesn’t just send you to the Philippines, he gives you a vision that is in line with the purpose for which he created you, and then he waits for you to ask for the plan he devised to work your way there.  Of course we are all given free will, so it is not guaranteed that we will make it to the Philippines.


God does not give us the plan and then wait at the end for us to show up. He already knows that if left to our own devices, we will try to do it our own way and stumble, or be tempted by opportunities that require less work, and no responsibility.  He gives us just enough to go on for each portion of his plan and then reveals more as each phase is completed. Life is hard, and God already knew that if we could see into the future, most of us would pretend we weren’t listening once we saw the challenges and frustrations we’d have to endure along the way.


Working the plan means doing everything that is required of us to complete that portion before we are raised to the next level.  It means getting up again when you fall.  It means making the hard choices and accepting the result. God is not going to change his mind concerning you, so progress with confidence that your best is yet to come. (Jeremiah 29:11).


Whatever it is you were gifted to do, work it! Work your plan; immerse yourself into the thing that brings you the greatest joy. Have fun and bless the world with your life.  Your purpose is your purpose!



If you do not know your purpose or why you are here now is a good time to find out. Keep in mind that it starts with the thing that gives you the most joy. Pray about it and check in with me next week to read more!


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone this weekend!