GenX; it’s Our Turn!

It occurred to me over the weekend, at the news of  the passing of a seasoned friend, that my time to take the baton is coming. You know, we walk through life and talk about the people who have gone before us, and carved out a niche for us, or paved the way…but very rarely do we stop and think about the reality that those people will eventually be gone. Someone else must pick up the pace and carry the torch.

If you are part of Generation X, as I am, your time has come.

Gone are the days of letting someone else do it. Gone is the notion of , “I’ve got lots of time,” there is no time left to get into position, the time is now. We are now the executives, the teachers, the mentors, the preachers, etc.  We are the ones the world will look to hoping we don’t drop the baton as we step out to win whatever race we started.

People far and wide had little hope for our generation, but forget what people said.  Step over and beyond whatever mess your life was. Today is a new day, today is  new opportunity, to make positive changes.  Those following us are expecting us to get it together, and get it right.

The baton is coming. Will you grab it with assurance or let it pass you by because you got tired of the warm up?


One thought on “GenX; it’s Our Turn!

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings Sister ShaunnaJ,
    I feel a sense of urgency as i was reading your message. There
    is a call for urgent action today for a lot of different situations. I Pray to the
    Lord that i remain part of the Solution to the Problems.
    It’s so easy to find ourselves on the other side of the fence if we are not careful to uphold our ethical conduct, act with the right view, right intentions, and hold steadfast to what we believe in. We can be positive examples for our children to follow. Praise God.

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