Raise Your Hands if You’re Sure! …

…Remember that old TV commercial for an antiperspirant from years ago? The message was simply,  “Be confident. Be protected. Be sure.”

A relevant product used by some, but not by all is the Word of God.  If you want to live a  confident,[ non-smelly] life, you need to live according the ways of righteousness, (Proverbs 10:29 – The way of the Lord is a refuge for the righteous.)  Why? Because the righteous will never be uprooted – Proverbs 10:30.  No matter what challenges you might face, no matter how badly someone treats you, no matter how uncertain the times might be, your gate will be steady, you vision will be clear, and your foundation will be unshakable.

Get into the Word of God today and find out how to get your life on track, or back on track. A good place to start is in the book of Proverbs. There is a chapter for every day of the month. Start with today, whatever the date is, read that chapter and so on…The Lord will direct you from there.  If you need confidence, read Hebrews 13:6. If you need protection, read Isaiah 59:19. If you need surety, read I Peter 1: 3-5. The Word of God is definately daily protection you can trust!

Are you sure your life is going the right way? If so, where ever you are, raise your hands and praise the Lord!


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today!