Living Beyond the Revelation

When you get a revelation, what do you do with it?


What is revelation? Revelation is the process and content of God’s making Himself known. Or, more simply said, it is the way God speaks and tells us he is in the midst of everything concerning us. The Word of God asserts that the he (God) has in fact made Himself known, and has given us a great amount of knowledge about who he is; his nature, character, attributes, and activities.  God does not reveal himself just for the sake of being known. His self-revelation is also to make known his Will, and his Plans for us.


God reveals himself in many ways, including through the Holy Spirit, “but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.”     If you believe that the Bible is the revealed word of God, and you believe what the Bible says and that his word is just as relevant today as it was in Old Testament times, then you must be compelled to believe God will also reveal direction for your own life.  God reveals himself and confirms his Will in his Word; Psalm 119:105, through prayer; Luke 11:9-10, circumstances, the unctioning of the Holy Spirit; I Kings 19:11-12, and other people; Colossians 3:16.   If we seek God’s Will, we will find it in  his Word and in prayer, if we are watchful, and listen for his voice. In addition, the events of our lives may prove, or confirm, that which we have already “felt” God telling us to do.

So, what do we do with the revelations? “It is not enough to expect change, you must do something to effect change,” Pastor Dapo Oyewole (RCCG –House of Praise[1], Baltimore, MD).  When you sit and hear the Pastor tell you that faith without works is dead…what exactly does that mean to you?  Hopefully it means that you ought to exercise your faith by putting some things into action. If you believe you will get a good job, are you actively looking for work, or expecting a job to just “show up?”  If you believe that your children will start making healthy food choices, are you putting healthy options in front of them, or hoping they will just get a revelation to stop eating junk food and start eating better and getting more exercise?  Let me take this one step further, if you believe that change needs to happen around the world in terms of health care, education, clean water supplies, etc…. are you doing anything to effect those changes, or are you praying for someone else to do the things you hope for in the privacy of your own home?  Change does not happen all by itself. The success of our journey and the fulfillment of the plan set for us, lies solely on what we choose to do with the revelations.


There are several among us who receive many or all of their revelations through dreams. Some people will receive just a thought or idea that is later confirmed. But if you never do anything about the dream or the confirmations, you are operating outside the will of God.  Consider the story of Joseph; his brothers plotted to kill him!  He was thrown in a pit, sold as a slave, and eventually thrown into prison. Joseph could have sank into a pit of despair and declared his life over. But, if ever there was a time for him to reinvent himself and do something to effect change, that was the time.  The dreams that Joseph had could have been disregarded and forgotten, but the Lord was with him, and everything he did (in the presence of the Lord) succeeded, (Genesis 39).  He changed the lives of many including his family because he chose to do something about the revelations he received.  While he was still suffering, he did things to bring about change for his own good. He interpreted dreams, found favor with the warden, and was ultimately raised to a level of high authority.


As I was preparing this message, my husband and I had a long conversation about my ministry options. While I did not know where God was taking me, he encouraged me to not just sit and wait for the best ministry opportunity, but to take advantage of every ministry opportunity and that would eventually lead me in the direction of my ministry vision. God never wastes a circumstance. Our life experiences are not for naught; there is always something to be learned from our struggles and our successes. What we do with the information learned is the difference between continued struggles and principled prosperity.


Ideas will come and go, but if there is one that keeps sticking with you, pray about it, wait for confirmation, and then act on it. If you require the assistance of others, do not shrink back because you thought getting ahead was only about you. Ask for the help, go the distance, and watch God do amazing things in your life and the lives of those you touch.




Visit Pastor Dapo Oyewole online at , attend a service or visit him and the First Lady at 6101 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21206.



Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today!



© ShaunnaJ.  Agboju

[1] RCCG – The Redeemed Church of God