Give Yourself the Present

Ahh!  Christmas is in the air! 

Excitement is mounting as we prepare meals, wrap gifts, and clean our homes for expected guests…the time has come!  Jesus also proclaimed, “the time has come…the Kingdom of God is near!” Mark 14-15. At last, it was time for a great thing to happen. People prepare for months, and years for their ministry, or contributions to the world. Jesus was no different. He understood the value of training, and the time required. Many of us have been training for years for something we are not yet doing.

I want to stress to someone today that now is the time, your present is here! You have been prepared; your training now qualifies you. God will make the resources available for you as you move forward and your faith will release your reward.

For someone else reading, your experiences are not wasted. God is still using everything that happens in your daily routine. Whatever didn’t work out in 2011 was not the end of your story. It was a challenge, but also an opportunity to learn. I encourage you to get your mind right as the year ends. Stop now and think about what is going on in the present because each season has a benefit; look for it.


Keep moving, keep your heart and mind available to gain wisdom. Whatever you do to step into a winning attitude right now, will spill over into what you do in 2012. God will bless you as you go.


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today!


One thought on “Give Yourself the Present

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings Sister ShaunnaJ,

    Praise the Lord that i am still recieving your
    inspiration. Everyone in my life has a purpose and sig-
    nificant meaning to me. This is a great reminder that
    you have written here, it has complimented me on my su-
    ccess and progress in my work of God so far. God Al-
    mighty is teaching me something new all the time, and
    i’m a good listener. Thank you so much for the message,
    it is so very pertaining my self.

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