WAIT! Don’t forget the baby!


Whew! Another Christmas over. The gifts are in use, and the guests are looking rather spent themselves. You’ve cleaned up the Christmas Day messes and now you are ready to ring in the new year.  But wait…! Did you already forget about the baby? The significance of Jesus (the reason for the season you talked about on Sunday) was not just that he was born one day. His life on Earth was a model and his death was a requirement for the redemption of humanity.  

As the holidays wage on, don’t forget that the baby born in this season also lived, and died for us.  Get into the Word of God today and read about the Christ Jesus. His life here was just as significant as the day he was born.

Enjoy the holidays everyone, just don’t forget the baby!


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today!


One thought on “WAIT! Don’t forget the baby!

  1. Anonymous

    Praise the Lord! Sister ShaunnaJ,

    By the Grace of God, that is one thing that nobody had
    to tell me during the 17yrs. i had the baby seat in the back seat of the car.
    Every time you saw me, you saw the baby. At one point, i thought i would
    never see the back seat without those baby seats in it. Praise be to God that
    he kept me, and those babies safe all throughout our journeys.

    I remember when mary and joseph lost their baby Jesus
    while traveling at one time. When they found him they asked him; “Where
    was you Jesus? and he said; “Didn’t yall know! I was at my Father’s House!
    Mary and Joseph like to fell out when they heard that! He was preparing for
    his ministry. Praise the Lord!

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