My Simple Prayer for This Moment…


In me, strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die!  Amen &  Amen!

(Revelation 3:2)Image


3 thoughts on “My Simple Prayer for This Moment…

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings Sister ShaunnaJ,
    Thank you once again for being a servant of the Lord. Thank you Sister ShaunnaJ. for delivering that prayer that is very short, but yet has a very long meaning. It’s not how many words are said in a prayer that determines its value, but, it is the heart from which the pray flows from, whom our Lord will manifest His greatness of His Blessings bestowed upon, and this I also pray, Matt 6:9-13
    May God Bless You Sister ShaunnaJ!
    Rev. Anthony R. Cooper

  2. Anonymous

    Greetings Sister ShaunnaJ,
    I read the poem and the first question came to my mind is;Who is mark driscoll? The second question was; What gives him the authority to place criticism and judgement at the expense of Jesus name? And the last question was that if he’s a man of God himself, where’s his Bible verses to back up what he’s saying, in Jesus name. Otherwise, his poem is speculation, and has no meaning.
    Rev. A.R. Cooper
    Praise the Lord!

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know that he claimed to be an authority on anything really. It seemed to me that he was simply and creatively expressing a very controversial [personal] viewpoint; why he felt now was the time, I cannot say, but none among us will be able to get away with passing judgment in the name of Jesus. The church and religion have long been criticized and judged…he’s just one more voice in that choir.

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