Are You Using Your Whole Heart?

If you continue to give the bare minimum to get by every day, why are you expecting God to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think (Ephesians 3:20)?


God is not going to pick up our slack. He wants to bless us, and to prosper us more than we could ever imagine, but he will not bless a spirit of slothfulness and the effort you never made. We have become very lazy these days knowing that as long as we complete a thing we will still get credit for doing it.  We have become less and less interested in going above and beyond for people. One of my greatest pet peeves is poor customer service. I am convinced that many of those working on the other end of the phone or behind the counter are there only to get a paycheck, which they will get as long as are present each day and complete their assigned tasks. Unfortunately, they will not prosper in their place of business if they are rooted in rigid limits of expectation.

People who get ahead are not rude to people, they take initiative to learn new things, get to work early, stay late, etc.  I am not saying you must ask for extra training and perhaps just getting to work on time is your challenge for this year. My point is this…do a little more to make things happen on a greater scale in your life. Doing the bare minimum will reap the minimum reward.

Enlarge your territory by doing more than you want to or are expected to. Offer to transfer a call instead of reciting the phone number, walk your client to the exit instead of just pointing to the door, pray for someone in the moment not in a couple of days when God jogs your memory of that conversation. Do more, give more.

It doesn’t matter what you think people are seeing in you, God sees into your heart, (I Samuel 16:7). God will know if you are doing it with all of your heart or just part of it. He gave us big hearts for the purpose of doing things wholeheartedly.

Purpose to do things this month that exceed people’s expectations. May  God bless you for doing so.


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today!