3 Reasons Why this Friday is Good



One of the beautiful things about our Lord and Savior is that he carry out his purpose for those who would rally around him.  He expressed an amazing act of love that said, “I will give you all of me, all of the time even if you purpose in your heart to spend the rest of your days rejecting me.” He did this selflessly; not asking or demanding anything of us.


The 1st reason today is a Good Friday, is that we are called into remembrance that we ARE delivered by his death and shed blood.  His dying on the cross was an incredible act of intimacy; he wanted to draw all men to himself, to close the gap that was created between God and sin.


The 2nd reason this is a Good Friday, is that we have been released from the power of the enemy. The blood of Jesus freed us from the deceptive and manipulative ways of satan.


And thirdly, when Christ died on the cross, we were transferred from a world of darkness into the bright and glorious kingdom of God where we each are guaranteed protection, provision, and promotion. We do not have to use a middle man to reach him, we have unlimited, direct access to his throne of grace.


Take time today to think about all that you have gained by Christ’s suffering and death. He gave his all for you and for me…and that makes this a GOOD FRIDAY!