Expect More from God

Genesis 18:14 – Is anything too hard for the Lord?

God was asking Abraham a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is, NO.

Nothing is too hard for God; not your family mess, not your financial stress, not your own weakness.   It is human nature to lower standards of everyone, everything, and even God when times get tough. But, the Word of God clearly indicates that no matter what we face, God is bigger than any mountain we can, or cannot see.

God is not like the enemy, he is not predictable.  What was quick and seemingly easy the last time the enemy through that dart at you might have a different resolution this time; God might tell you to do something differently. If you insist on looking back at what seemed to be a proven method then, you will miss the movement of God right now.

Do not let shortsightedness limit God’s hand in your life.  He wants to do so much more for you, if you would just let him. He is waiting to move in your circumstance if you would just believe he is indeed the faithful God. Obey the instruction of the Lord in your situation, and you will enjoy his blessings, (John 13:17).

Get your hopes up, raise your expectations. NOTHING is too hard for God!

Shaunna J. Agboju




One thought on “Expect More from God

  1. These and other fleshly weaknesses are what we call human nature. Satan takes advantage of our weak and greedy nature by persuading us to rely even more on our emotions, needs and wants than we normally would. But we play our part. Without the positive influence of God’s Spirit, we are simply not inclined to live according to God’s instructions.

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