What Goes Around…Comes Around

Here’s some encouragement for those who are frustrated with how people are treating them…

You will be judged the same way you judge others.

Concern yourself with living for Jesus. Focus on things above and not the crazy things and people in the world around you. Remember in the movie, “The Color Purple,”  when Miss Celie would stick her fingers out and say…”Everything you done to me, I already done to you…?” It’s Newton’s 3rd law of motion (if you recall or cared anything about physics) that says ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Imagine God saying something like that those who are treating you poorly. Whatever someone said or did against you, they will live to regret.

Don’t live your life bothered by how callous people are.  I am not saying live like it doesn’t matter, I am saying do not be consumed with it. As hard as it is, learn to forgive and move on.  Why? Because you will feel a lot better for doing it, and because the Word of  God says that when the Lord gets good and ready to do so… HE is going to “deal with ALL who oppressed you and … will give you praise and honor in the places where they put you to shame.”

There you have it… Zephaniah 3:19. God’s got your back. All you have to do is just keep going in the direction he told you to move.