?Not Getting Enough to Eat?

Not Getting Enough to Eat?

June 5, 2012


With what will you choose to fill the plate of your life?

Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”


I am particularly distressed with the news this week, not because the political banter is so frustrating, or because the media is having such difficulty finding good things that are news worthy, but rather because it appears that some people are not getting enough to eat. On June 1st, it was reported that a man killed and ate parts of his housemate. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that another man in another country was wanted for doing the same thing to a guy he met in his travels.

There is not one reasonable explanation for this disgusting appetite except that one has gone mad for lack of something enriching, and satisfying. But think about it, the world in general is not getting enough to eat. I say that because when a person (or animal) doesn’t find or rejects their God-given source of comfort, nourishment, and satisfaction, they go looking for other things.  This is why it is so important for those who have been called, to boldly take up the mantle of ministry and get the word out!  Jesus loves you! Jesus will help you! Jesus will fill you to the point where you will hunger and thirst no more! Jesus will save you, if you would just turn your life over to him!


People have forgotten about spiritual nourishment and are turning to things that will never bring satisfaction. Let me speak to you directly… The ways of the world will never fully satisfy you. That is why people find themselves addicted to things like eating, smoking, drinking, gambling, cheating, killing.…those things will never fill you to where you can say you have taken in enough. You will have to continue until you are ruined…and that is the enemy’s plan; to steal [your joy and sense of self], to kill [your reputation] and to destroy [any hope for a future] John 10:10.


I urge you to try Jesus and you will find yourself surrounded by blessings. He will give you life-giving water. He will give you an unending supply of food in his Word.  By dining with him in Holy Communion, he will satisfy you with the best things from heaven. He will bring you peace where there is uncertainty, wholeness where there is a breakdown, and salvation to a soul that is lost.


Your roommate, your spouse, your neighbor, etc. is not on your food chain. If you are finding yourself given to thoughts of cannibalism, ask for deliverance, God will hear, and he will help you. Eating all you can at the buffet might make you happy for tonight, but it cannot save you. Drinking until you cannot see straight might help you forget about the pain, but will not wash it away; it will be there when you sober up again.


Dine with the Lord. If you don’t know him, ask him now to come into your life and save you. Ask him to fill your cup with the Holy Spirit and your plate with his life-giving truths. Repent of your sinfulness and ask him to forgive you. Acknowledge him as your Lord, and your Savior; the crucified and risen Lord. Surrender all and he will make you whole again.


May God bless you and keep you and satisfy you beyond anything you can think or imagine!

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