Official Launch of ROOTTS

Hope has NEVER been lost in this country, rand change is still possible; it is up to you, and it is up to me. 

Do you “Believe in America,” and want to move your lives and your purposes “Forward?” Then meet us tomorrow for the official Launch of ROOTTS, Return of Order to the Society.

The ROOTTS team has been working diligently on this for the past several months are glad to see the event unfolding as the days go by. You might ask – what exactly are we trying to achieve during the event? That is a great question and the purpose of this mission driven event is:

1. Declare the Vision and Mission of ROOTTS to our guests and the general public who would watch the videos and see the pictures in the weeks and months to come. We expect several leaders, dignitaries, community organizers and people of our society in attendance.
2. Challenge our audience to refocus on discussions and actions needed for the Return Of Order To The Society which starts once you Join our movement at .
3. Share upcoming events and activities all geared towards the Return Of Order To The Society
4. Connect with our members and guests to get feedback, ideas, opinions, suggestions and volunteers.
5. Officially commission the leaders and member of ROOTTS to champion this great course.

So come excited and prepared to have a great time of fun and fellowship and lets all get working together for the Return Of Order To The Society.