Just Be Quiet

Mark 6:31 “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Have you been to your quiet place lately?

 Many times we read in the Bible about Jesus going off to a quiet place. Mark one says that in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus went to a solitary (secluded, desolate) place to pray.  And this is a good practice to follow. In my opinion, there is nothing like the quiet of morning or the still of late night. There are no sounds of the many children on my block, or the rush of commuters on the road just one block away. There is peace; nothing is moving except my mind. There are no distractions, no phones to jolt me into the reality of a work day….just peace. This is where I am closest to God, in my solitude.

Now, before you start wagging a finger fussing about how this is so good and easy for me because I don’t have the demands of family, let me say this…you are right, that reality does not apply to me right now. But Jesus had a lot to do too, more than any of us will ever have to do, and he still found time to get away and pray. There can be no excuses. God expects to hear from us each day, no matter what our schedule holds.  It may be necessary to create that quiet place.  From midmorning through sunset, my home office is anything but tranquil, but before everyone else wakes up, it is my quiet place. It’s a place where God and I commune.  I read and study his word, and he speaks to me. When all I can do is cry, He  comforts me, and reminds me that no matter what, I am loved unconditionally. He reminds me that I am experiencing those moments with him because I am worthy to be called his own, and that he has an assignment for me for the day.  Yes, he sometimes uses those moments to rebuke me, and get me refocused on him and not myself or my circumstance, but that time is never wasted time.

I don’t spend enough time just being quiet. I realized today, that my time with the Lord has been scarce only because I have allowed other things to get in the way, and I am very guilty of sleeping through that time because I stayed too long in an activity the night before.  Think of it this way, when you are in a group of people, but want to speak to one person alone, what do you do?  You go with them to a quieter place, a place where you both can be heard, right? 

God wants that intimacy with you too. Not only to hear you, but to speak and be heard. He has something to share with each and every one of us, but if we never allow time to sit and listen in solitude, we will certainly miss it. What happens then, is that we become frustrated with how thing are going in our lives and we start to blame God  instead of blessings him with praises and thanksgiving.

If your quiet time needs to come in the middle of the day, so be it, just make the time. God wants to bless you, but something things will only come to you in a quiet voice, in a quiet place away from the rest of  life’s demands. Read your Bible, study the Word of God, and spend time alone with Him.

May the blessings of the Lord find you today, and accompany you through the week.


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