11 Important Thoughts for Right Now

1. You must accept your season. It is for you, for now.

2. Wait patiently in your faith as you go through.

3. Give all your cares, worries, and wonders, to God.

4. God does see you, and he does hear you, and he will help you.

5. Get your hand out of the bowl.  God does not need your help figuring things out for you.

6. Take the limits off God. His ways are not your ways, and he will not move the way you expect him to.

7. Get out!  Go somewhere. Staying home only magnifies the issue. Visit someone, walk somewhere, focus on something else.

8. Persevere under the pressure. You’ve got to keep moving; that is the only way to win.

9. Pray and Praise.  I get that it’s hard. But praise silences the voices of the enemy, and prayer ensure that he stays quiet.

10. Expect the greatness of  God. When you feel blinded by the “doom and gloom”, you have to believe that God will burst the darkness in a way only he can.

11. Remember the things God has already done in your life.  If he could do it then, there is NO reason to believe he cannot do it now.