It’s Pruning Season!



Now is the time, before the new year begins, to rid yourself of the unfruitful and dying things in your life. Don’t hold on to the things that have held you back this year.  For years I  joked that when January 1st came, I looked like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree because I had cut off so many useless, unfruitful and dead elements.  Now, I am healthier and stronger for doing so.  Take time between now and the new year to rid yourself of those things (and relationships) that are unhealthy and/or not bearing fruit in your life.

 There are seasons, and reasons for everything and everyone. If it is time to let go…please, trust God and let go. I am not suggesting you stop caring or loving, or wishing people well, just sever the tie that binds you to unhealthy thoughts, circumstances, people, places, etc. 

 Living things cannot grow and flourish when what has died is still receiving what the healthy part needs to thrive.  Create new positive habits that bury the old ones.  Look for new soil and transplant yourself into something fertile. Soon enough you will find yourself in a new season of growth. You will emerge healthier, more beautiful, and more fortified.

Happy pruning!!