January Prayer Points

RCCG LogoHappy New Year!  Thank you so much for helping me blog through 2012.  Your presence and feedback are helpful and encouraging.  As the Lord works his Will through me, I hope to bring more insight and encouragement as this year unfolds.

Let us start the year off right…in prayer! We have much to be thankful for, and much to expect from God this year if we stay focused on him and obedient to his Word.  As you pray let the Spirit flow freely.  These points were specific to New Year’s Eve Service, but use them as a guide to pray through the month. God will bless you as you seek him!


(RCCG Prayer Points Cross Over Night Service Into 2013 BY Pastor E. A. Adeboye)

1. Praise Him for what he has done in the past, worship him for who he is, the Sovereign God, the God of Signs and Wonders, thank him that the devil has lost his battle over you.

2. Father, please forgive me for cheating you in the past; in tithe and offering, in giving you my first fruit, in witnessing, I will repent and restitute.

3. Father, this year I will honor you and put you first in all things, therefore, bless me beyond measure.

4. Father this year, I will obey you to the letter, therefore answer all my prayers by fire.

5. Father, I will bless your servant continuously, let my cup of blessings overflow.

6. Father, I will spend more time with you this year, let my joy be full and my testimonies be complete.

7. Father, don’t let me ever know a dry season again in my life, in my finances, in every facet of my life.

8. Pray for those who are precious to you that this will be a happy new year for them.

9. Please pray for the General Overseer, wish him whatever you wish yourself

10. Your Special Request.