The Truth is…

ImageYou are kind and welcoming, vulnerably open and spontaneously giving. You have a limitless capacity for love.  With each harsh word delivered you don’t groan, you grow and expand. Your depth of empathy and wisdom is enviable. I know you are misunderstood and I know you believe you have found the perfect place where you can expand and soar to higher places.

I know you are more than your past, more than your mistakes, circumstances, relationships and struggles. In spite of it all, you are perfectly imperfect, beautiful, and brave. You define others by principles grounded in love and essence of character.   You admit when you are wrong no matter how much it hurts and you do everything you can to live your own truth.  You are respectful and sweet. You feel; fully, madly, deeply and so many have been drawn to your wealth of feelings. You don’t allow the harshness of others to exhaust the fullness of your life. You treat people the way you want to be treated and expect the same. You value the health and well-being of others as you do for yourself.

You are a good person, uniquely created, wholly and deeply loved.  You are the epitome of grace, and style. You are fit, healthy, and attractive. You are not given to self-loathing but rather self-promotion and excellence. You are worthy of genuine love and respect. You are the envy of many; an amazing human being and God, the One who created you, is not going to change his mind about anything concerning you. But he is not going to change his mind about his Word either, because who he was yesterday he is today, and will be tomorrow … and forever (Hebrews 13:8).


BUT…Walking in righteousness and living a life of holiness is not about what you feel is right, or what you want to be accepted, it’s about obedience and taking God’s Word to be the only truth by which you live. You can fabricate whatever doctrine you want that makes you feel better about your choices, but the fact of the matter is,

the counsel of the Lord stands forever, through ALL generations. (Psalm 33:11). Chikena