Your Progress is Your Business


Let me say that again, your progress is your business. I don’t mean no one should know what you are doing, everyone should see you upward bound.  I mean that it is your job, your purpose, your profitable endeavor to move yourself forward, not someone else’s.  The truth of the matter is that we are inspired, encouraged and are only as good as the company we keep.

Stop hanging around people who aren’t going anywhere, determined to live in their own dysfunction because they are comfortable with that life. People who are doing nothing and complaining that nothing is happening should not be allowed to speak into your life, they are dead weight; shake them off!  You were not created to entertain or live an ordinary life. You (yes, even you) were created to be EXTRAORDINARY. How do I know? I know because the God of this ministry is an EXTRAORDINARY God, and we are urged to follow his example (Ephesians 5:1).

Stop settling for mediocre things and relationships, and work the faith you claim to have. If you are not struggling or unsettled in your faith from time to time, your faith isn’t increasing. Walking by faith is a fight sometimes, (fight the good fight of faith…1 Timothy 6:12) but it is necessary to get to the next level of life and relationship with Christ. If you give up every time you hit a wall or things don’t go your way, you have given that thing, or person, or circumstance control over what you think, do, or feel and nothing about your ordinary life will change. Reject your fears of failure, rejection, and opposition.  Christ did not promise you a calm convenient life, but he did promise a victorious life, if you follow him.  Follow him through danger, through destruction, through intimidation, frustration, and humiliation. Trust him to lead you through all of the negative and disorganized elements into a life of progress, wholeness, and greatness.

Don’t you know that the grass doesn’t grow greener until there is a little rain?  There is no healing until AFTER the pain, and there is no calm until AFTER the storm. There is no progress until AFTER you have made the first move.

Your faith in action will move you from ordinary to an extraordinary and exceptional life.  It’s time to move!



You  Were Not Created to be Ordinary
You Were Not Created to be Ordinary