Have You Lost Your Joy?

Perhaps it’s because of what you are saying. Did you know that you are limiting your joy by complaining all the time? Life is hard and frustrations are frequent, but I want to encourage you to stop telling everyone about how hard life is. Stop talking about how bad someone is making you feel. You are in charge of you until you give other things and people power to determine your feelings , your worth , or your destiny.

Your negative words give the enemy more and more power to manipulate you and keep you feeling everything but positive about your situation. Instead of complaining to anyone who will listen to you and join you in your self pity, speak words of life over your situation . Thank God for healthy children. Call your broken or bruised marriage healed and whole in the name of Jesus! Your job frustrations are not there to break you but to help you recognize your worth and move you in a new direction toward satisfaction. Say to yourself , I AM NOT MY CIRCUMSTANCE AND EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

My parents always told us that if we can’t say something nice , don’t say anything at all. Use that instruction and apply it to your life. If you can’t say anything nice about your boss, your, church, your spouse, etc., say nothing at all. Don’t lose your joy by losing control of your mouth.


Be good, be careful, and be a blessing to someone today.

God bless you!