John 11:4 “…This illness will not end in death. No it is for God’s glory so that God’s son may be glorified through it.”image

Whatever  you are facing, sickness or another trial, know and understand that this time in your life, this experience, can be used to glorify God. We have seen it many times, how God turns something we think is bad, or difficult to understand, and uses it for good. Instead of complaining or blaming God, use this opportunity to honor him. Study the Word of God, sing praises to him that you were given the gift of life and breath today.

Your life is not over just because you may be sick or struggling. You are still here, you are still around to do something good, even if it is to call people from your bed to pray for them and encourage them to keep going too.

You are valuable, you are important, and even now you can do something that brings a smile to the face of the Lord.

Look for something good to do today. Whatever it is, God has already equipped you to do it no matter how little strength you think you have. Have faith that even now, God can use you.

Be gracious, be “care full,”be a blessing to someone today. God bless you.