So Grateful

gratefulIn the days leading up to today, Thanksgiving, my gratitude is not a list of things, but rather the grace to remember my life and the list of things.  We sit around every year ticking off the things for which we are thankful, but there are simply too many things to list at one meal.  I am so grateful that my list is long, that I can look back and see the grace of God on my life – and for having a name, that literally means, “God is gracious.”   Without his grace and favor upon my life, i have nothing for which to give thanks.  It is because of Him that I am who I am. It is because of Him that I am what I am, and I am grateful. I am not a perfect person, but I have a great purpose in the Kingdom of my perfect God. May life is NOT useless or wasted – hallelujah.  I am blessed, highly favored, and destined for greatness…I am grateful!

Be good, be gracious, and be grateful today!