Who You Are Meant To Be

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you;


There is a weight loss ad running currently that ends with the spokesperson saying, “Now I am who I am meant to be.”  This is a woman, presumably middle-aged, declaring that now, after losing 99lbs, she is who she was meant to be.

I just shook my head at that because scripture gives us far better news. We don ‘t have to wait until we’ve lived half our lives to be who we were meant to be. Our Lord God said “before I formed you…,”  before we were even in the process of creation, our purpose was set. Our task is to discover and embrace that purpose.

But let me encourage you to stop waiting to be something you are already.  Your greatness is not going to come tomorrow, when you are the right size, or after you finally get that promotion. Your greatness is already in you.  When your life is required of you, having the most money, or the most stuff, or that you finally look good in that dress, isn’t going to matter to anyone. What are you doing today, before you lose the weight? And for that matter, not everyone was meant to be skinny.  What are you doing now before the breakthrough comes?  What are you doing now, before you are promoted and your name is splashed around the world?

Today you can be, and are expected to be, who you are meant to be. Tomorrow is not a promise, don’t wait to be great. Don’t let someone else tell you who you are, or what you can and cannot do until… your purpose doesn’t change because you don’t look the part or feel qualified.  God doesn’t wait for you to look the part or until the children are grown before he promotes you. God used what looked to be the most unqualified people to spread his message – he can use you too.  You’ve been given a purpose; you will also be given the tools and the grace to excel.

Start moving, and stop waiting for the right day, the right amount of money, the right person…you are meant to be great – today. You are meant to make an impact – today. You are meant to show kindness and mercy – today.

Talk to God today.  Ask him to help you see what he sees in you even now. Ask him to reveal his purpose for you, and ask him for the grace and faith to follow that purpose.