Psalms 50:15 – “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me.”

There is POWER in the name JESUS!
There is POWER in the name JESUS!

Nothing  you go through, nothing you feel someone put you through, nothing you put yourself through, is more powerful than the power of God to pull you out.  Every bondage you are in whether it be fear, anger, lust… if you’ve backslidden and forgotten about God, nothing will be wasted, and you will not be lost in the eyes of God. God knows you would be in this place today, but if you have been called by God, everything you go through has a purpose. No matter how far you fell, no matter how much hurt or hard feelings arose along the way, there is an army of saints, standing at the ready to break the chains that bind you. At the mere mention of the name JESUS, your deliverance begins.  However long you much cry out, continue to cry.

When we stop reading and studying the Word of God, when we stop regular fellowship with Believers, when we stop believing  that God is all powerful, we get out of fellowship with him and start sinking.  The world is very enticing, but what it has to offer is like quicksand, it draws you in, slowly but forcefully, and often times, the more you resist, the stronger the pull. That is how the enemy works in our minds. At the first sign of weakness, he starts to draw, and when you resist, his own fear of losing you back to the arms of Christ causes him to strengthen his grip on you.  But JESUS SAVES!!!  Climbing back out of that pit is going to take some work. Even though you may realize that where you are is sinking sand, and you reach out to Jesus, it’s going to take some time to get out. The strength you realize in Christ will save you, but you must recognize it as the only power that will save you, the power that is stronger than the force pulling you from the other side.  You have to believe in the power of God, more than you believe in your assumptions, your hurts, your fears, your habits and the voices speaking into you right now.

Call on the name Jesus, he will help you. Your situation may look bleak and giving up seems like the best and only answer, but whatever you’re going through, it IS NOT bigger than God’s grace.  Amid your sadness, setbacks; whatever the shift in your situation, God is still God, he is still good, he is still mighty, and he is still able to turn things around for your good, and his glory.  In many cases, people don’t realize you were struggling until you are almost out, but no matter what goes on around you, no matter what anyone says to you, no matter how things look today, surrender it to the name of Jesus; your thoughts, your feelings, your hurts and hang ups, call on the name that is above every other name. Don’t let anything, or anyone cause you to loosen your grip on the promises of God. You are almost there, keep calling, keep holding on! God will heal, help, and restore you.

Glory be to the name JESUS!

Be gracious, be careful,  and be a blessing to someone today.