I Left My Troubles, But They Followed Me

Isaiah 43:18 (TLB)  “But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I’m going to do!”

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m going to walk away from this issue, this problem, this addiction – I’m going to break the chains that bind me once and for all and embrace a new season in my life,” only to find them [the issues] in your life again a few days, weeks, or moths later? Why did that happen? It happened because you may have left the environment where the issue was magnified – left the club, stopped buying the junk food, moved out of the area, buried it and calledfollow it gone. But, you never confronted the issue, faced it and TOLD it to be gone. The root of the issues, your need to hold the rights to be angry and mad, and bitter, oppressed… still remains.

Most of the problems we cannot get rid of are the ones attached to us, not the person or people, or things around us. We can blame the world for presenting the trouble, or temptation, but it is we who need to collect ourselves well enough to say, “I’m not traveling that road of responding a certain way again, no matter how easy it is to be angry, or how good it makes me feel to give her a piece of my mind… no matter how attractive the way, or how pleasurable, Im not going there.” Today, I want you to give up ownership of the issue(s) attached to you. You can do nothing about someone else, take care of you.

The problems attached to us cannot be removed by demanding change in someone else or demanding the surroundings be changed.   For example, you can demand that I take the flag from my front yard because it makes you mad. Even if I do remove it, that doesn’t take away that you have an issue with seeing a flag in my front yard. Every time you see a flag, that issue attached to you, is exposed again and again. The issue is not my flag, it’s whatever is causing you to feel whatever you feel when you see it. Talk to that issue. You have to be the one to say, “That thing, person, word, situation etc. makes me angry, or sad, or fearful, or insecure because ________________.” Once you are able to identify what makes you feel a certain way, you can evict it and move on without that spirit following you again. If you cannot find anyone to encourage you, encourage yourself – tell yourself that you are secure, unafraid, accepting and unbothered. Tell that murky well of anger or bitterness, or bad memories to die and disappear, in the name of Jesus! Tell that spirit of pride, or self-righteousness, resentment, unworthiness, ect. to pack up and leave permanently because peace, joy, self-control, wisdom and strength are more reliable, more desirable inhabitants .

Trust me, I know very well that responding with anger or cruelty does not solve the problem of someone saying unkind things, or doing unkind things. I have to be the one to say, “ok, that mean, unkind, undesirable spirit (we wrestle not against flesh and blood… –Ephesians 6:12), bothers me. It makes me feel invaluable, insignificant and unloved. I know I am loved by God who never fails or disappoints. I am in charge of me. I’m going to choose to be quiet, I’m going to choose to keep moving on with my life and not feed that monster with my reactions because negative actions limit my progress in the situation and in my life.” Easier said than done? Oh yes! Keep praying, seek counsel, and pray again. You are not alone, your troubles are not unique to you, you are not the first one to be hurt, or feel offended or use the wrong words or actions in response to something.   Let today be the day you give up the need to be right, the need for someone else to make you whole or feel good. No one but  God completes you.  Find your own sources of joy. Find your own strength in helping others. Find your own peace as your fulfill destiny. In doing so, the spirit that troubles you will lose interest. May we all be given the strength to ignore the spirits that trouble us, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

No matter what your situation, and no matter what you feel about yourself, you are loved, appreciated and accepted by God, and he desires to do great things for and through you. Accept that HE treasures you, and there is nothing that you do, or say, or go through that can separate you from HIS love. The world might want you gone, or try to keep you in bondage, but God says you are his and he desires that you remain in him to get all that he desires for you. Pray for deliverance, and give up your ownership of those things. People are going to hurt and disappoint us, but every time they do, we need to speak to the hurt and disappointment, cancel out its power by speaking words of life and move in positive, progressive directions. We all (myself included) need to know what we will hold on to, hurt and hang-ups, or reminders of past hurts, or the acceptance and peace of God. Holding on to your troubles and the thing that troubles you is a ball and chain that you take with you, but in the presence of God, there is freedom, fullness of joy, and pleasures forevermore, (Psalm 16:11). What will you choose?

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us now in our hurt, disappointment, anger, resentment, ________________________ and forever more! In the name of Jesus. AMEN