GOD – Emergency Response or Loss Prevention

It never ceases to intrigue me how quick people are to ignore,remove, and condemn prayer every time someone wants to pray before a ball game, or a meeting — and then when something tragic happens and Pray-Any-Waythe enemy attacks, the same people are just as quick to promote the very thing they don’t want us doing even on good days.

We need to understand that God isn’t just a problem solver; the leader of the Emergency Response Team;  he is a problem preventer; the Captain of the Loss Prevention Team – he wants to hear from us and help us BEFORE the enemy attacks, before the game, before the meeting, before the conversation, before the rehearsal, before the day starts…that’s how we keep the enemy from coming in an messing things up.   The enemy hates prayer, and backs away from those he knows are covered with prayer. Are you covered?

“Pray continually,” (I Thess. 5:17) even when things are good.


Be good, be gracious, and be a blessing to someone today (pray for them).